Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Custom Picture Frame


When you find a piece of art or print you have been looking for, the next step is to find a suitable frame. Although ready-made frames are cheap and readily available, custom options are the best. That said, most people do not know how to select custom frames and end up making mistakes in the process. This article explores common mistakes to avoid when considering custom picture framing. Prioritising Personal Preferences — Personal preference is essential when selecting items that will become part of your home on a long-term basis.

23 August 2021

4 Facts for Beginners to Know About Alcohol Inks


Alcohol inks are fast-drying and highly saturated pigments that contain an alcohol base such as Isopropyl Alcohol 100%. Such inks are ideal for a variety of surfaces, such as paper, glass, clay, fabrics and ceramic, among others. For this reason, alcohol inks are popular among hobbyists and painters. Such inks create stunning art and artwork due to their fluid properties, which generate vibrant colours. Alcohol inks can be used in different applications, such as scrapbooking, stamping, card-making, realism and abstract art.

23 April 2020

Two Tips for Selling Handcrafted Goods at a Market That Is Popular with Tourists from Overseas


If there is a market in your area that is frequented by a lot of tourists from overseas and you would like to start selling some handcrafted goods there, you might want to take these two suggestions on board. Make something lightweight and small that tourists who live abroad are likely to want to buy If you want to make a decent amount of profit from this craft project, then it is important to ensure that you make something that tourists who are from abroad will want to purchase.

27 February 2020